Frequently Asked Questions


On this page I will hopefully answer most of your questions, but if you have a query please get in touch.


How often should I have a treatment?

I get asked this question a lot by new clients and I usually answer saying that it depends on what the issue is, what your circumstances are and your available time and budget.

Hopefully you will get the answers you require below but remember you are unique, so any advice given in person will be tailored to what is best for you.


Do you have an issue that you would like to work on?

If you have an issue to address such as menopausal symptoms, stress/anxiety or physical aches and pains; then I suggest you have a weekly or fortnightly treatment for a few weeks, then move to monthly maintenance appointments.


Do you want to maintain your health and wellness?

If you already know and feel the benefits of regular treatments and want to maintain your wellbeing then monthly appointments are ideal.  Although there is no reason not to continue having your treatments on a weekly or fortnightly basis if you wish.


Can I have a one-off treatment?

Of course you can.  But all the therapies I offer have a cumulative effect, so each treatment builds on the previous one.

Imagine going to the gym just once – you might enjoy it but you know that if you go on a regular basis you will see better long term results.  Well, my treatments work in much the same way and that is why I encourage regular treatments.


What are the benefits of having regular treatments?

Simply put, when you have regular treatments you start to feel better.

Tension, stress, aches and pains reduce and you feel better able to cope with life.  You start to feel more balanced and are able to do more of what you enjoy.  I offer you a safe place to unload your worries and concerns without passing judgement.  This in itself can help you feeling lighter and less weighed down with the pressures of life.


Getting the date in your diary

Psychologically it is beneficial to have your next appointment to look forward to.  So I would suggest that you book your next appointment when you are with me and that way you are more likely to keep going with your regular treatments and experiencing all the wonderful benefits.

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